An Ode to the Flappers: NYE Style

This year for NYE, some friends and I found a fabulous 20s themed party at Austin's Omni Hotel. The event was the perfect excuse to dress up, drink champagne, and stay indoors on an uncharacteristically cold Texas night. I've never met a theme party I didn't love, and I'll go just about anywhere if I … Continue reading An Ode to the Flappers: NYE Style

Gift Guide: For the Pampered Girl

Hey there! Christmas is right around the corner and I know that some of you, like me, have been procrastinating your shopping. No worries, I'm here with my second gift guide of the week to make your life easier. I've done all the shopping, now all you have to do is click and ship! Today's … Continue reading Gift Guide: For the Pampered Girl

12 Days of Christmas: Gift Guide for the Trendy Girl

Merry Christmas, friends! The countdown is on, we have 12 days till Christmas which means it is officially the season for last minute shopping! I'm here to make your life a little easier, and to help you find that perfect present for whoever is on your list! Today's guide is for the trendy girl on … Continue reading 12 Days of Christmas: Gift Guide for the Trendy Girl

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: First Picks

If you'd been following me for more than 20 minutes, you'll know that I'm a huge Nordstrom fan. That's why this is such a big day for me and Nordstrom lovers everywhere. IT'S ANNIVERSARY SALE TIME, PEOPLE! Why is this such a big deal, you ask? Because this sale is unlike any other. Every year … Continue reading Nordstrom Anniversary Sale: First Picks

Summer Whites

Let's talk about summer, shall we? One of my favorite things to do in the summer is pair white with white. It's clean, it's chic, and it's something you can really only get away with a few months out of the year. You can do this by pairing exact whites together, but sometimes I love … Continue reading Summer Whites

Wearable Tech

Want to have your technology and wear it, too? You're in luck. Today we're going to tackle this new trend of "Wearable Technology"! Fitbit: I got my Fitbit Alta for Christmas and have been obsessed ever since! I picked the Alta because it's small and sleek but still has all of the features I wanted. … Continue reading Wearable Tech

Nashville Recap

Last weekend, I went to Nashville for the first time to celebrate a sweet friend's Bachelorette Weekend! It was a total girls' weekend, and it was the best time! Since it was my first time in the Music City, I thought I would recap our weekend here! Hope you enjoy! I can't believe it took me … Continue reading Nashville Recap

Spring Sweaters

In case you've been living under a rock where there are no calendars or thermometers, I thought I should let you know, SPRING IS FINALLY HERE! For many, this is a celebration. A time when the dreary cold of winter weather makes its way out and the sun finally decides to make an appearance. Flowers are blooming, … Continue reading Spring Sweaters