Wearable Tech

Want to have your technology and wear it, too? You’re in luck. Today we’re going to tackle this new trend of “Wearable Technology”!


I got my Fitbit Alta for Christmas and have been obsessed ever since! I picked the Alta because it’s small and sleek but still has all of the features I wanted. I wanted something that would track my steps and sync with my phone but that wasn’t too bulky. Basically, I wanted a Fitbit that didn’t look like a Fitbit.

Mission accomplished! What I love about the Alta is it comes in gold. I’m all about some gold accessories so having the gold detail on my Fitbit really helps in blend in with my wardrobe.


As soon as I got my Alta, I started shopping for accessories. I found this blush leather band on the Fitbit website (and I found it on sale !!!).


I love the blush because it’s stylish, feminine, and almost blends in with my skin. I hated how bulky and black my old Fitbit was, I never wanted to wear it with anything other than workout clothes.

The pink is stylish and looks enough like an accessory rather than a step tracker that I can wear it easily with any outfit, day to night.

I still use the black rubber band that came with the Alta when I workout. The rubber is much easier to clean than the leather and still looks very sleek with athletic wear.


Sooo last week, I went on amazon to replace the Fitbit charger (I thought) I had lost. After I clicked “Add to cart” I saw a lovely list of recommended Fitbit accessories. As soon as I saw this gold chain band I new I needed to add it to my repertoire (Bonus, it was only $20- a steal!).


I love the gold. It’s even more transitional than the pink! I love dressing up for a nice dinner or night out and still being able to have my Fitbit on. It doesn’t look like tech-wear at all, just a stylish gold watch!


iPhone Charging Bracelet:

Now this one was new to me. Another Christmas surprise, this charging bracelet by Mark and Graham is a super useful, super cute addition to your wearable tech collection.


This sleek, oversized gold bangle is easy to style with any outfit and comes (seriously) in handy when your phone battery (aka your life blood) is running low.


Just give it a charge before you leave the house and throw it on if you’re going out for a long day. This little guy is perfect if you’re traveling, or out and about without a phone charger for a long period (My phone always goes dead in The Grove on Gameday :)). All you have to do is take off the bracelet, pop it open, and stick your phone on the charger and watch it come back to life!


I’m telling you, wearable tech is the future, y’all!

Shop these items here: Fitbit Alta, Here’s a similar leather band in lavender, gold metal band, Mark and Graham charging bracelet.

Do you have another type of wearable tech? Would love to hear about it! Send me a message on the contact tab on the top menu!



3 thoughts on “Wearable Tech

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  2. Aayaan says:

    The Fitbit Alta band is really graceful .Some people are habit like wear gold . Then according to me ,this watch band is perfect for those like gold .This band is fit and comfortable on wrist for any person . both are look very interesting and nice . I will also want to buy this sweat watch band . Thanks for this information .


  3. Edson says:

    The Fitbit Alta Band is so amazing band for everyone.fitbit alta band also in different colour and according to our wrist size.but i like to wear this one which is also show in top of the site.its a gold band.its very comfortable to wear.i love this so much.this band have a long lasting battery power.so i suggest to all the people this is superb band .well done keep sharing


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