An Open Letter To President Trump

Dear Mr. President,

Congratulations on your inauguration. Friday truly was a celebration of democracy. However, Mr. President, I have to be honest with you: I was not your biggest fan.

When I first heard about your candidacy, I laughed. When primary season began, I worked hard to keep you from becoming my party’s candidate. I didn’t appreciate your rhetoric, your arrogance, or your platform. I believed there were many more qualified candidates with more honor and integrity for the position and I fought to see them succeed over you. However, this summer, our party picked you.

I was upset, confused, and angry to say the least. I dreaded the coming months of campaigning but I dreaded your opponent more.

The way I saw it, I had two viable options. In an unfortunate, ironic turn of events you were one of them and Hillary Clinton was the other. Last summer, after the RNC, I had a decision to make, a decision I was neither thrilled nor all that confident about.

I chose you, Donald J. Trump as my preferred candidate in the 2016 race for the White House. My morals and ideals would not allow me to back Hillary. My fear of Mrs. Clinton’s Supreme Court nomination and my hope in the Republican Party guided me toward what seemed like a hopeless decision.

So I did. I backed you, I supported you, I cheered you on. When you made a public faux-pas I cringed, and when you made bold, conservative promises I smiled. You were not my first choice, but you were the one my party chose therefore, you were my guy.

In the weeks leading up to November 8th, I was a nervous wreck. I couldn’t speak about the grim realities the polls predicted. To me, a Hillary Clinton presidency was an unfathomable reality. Not since FDR has one party held more than 2 consecutive terms. As the polls and the pundits predicted Hillary’s landslide victory, I grew increasingly nervous and dejected. A Clinton victory, to me, symbolized an end of morality in our country. I knew that under a Madam President Clinton “progressivism” would be celebrated and evangelical ideals would be squashed beneath new social policies that lead us further and further away from the ideals of a Nation Under God.

That’s why November 8th was such an incredible, exciting night for me. No, I was not overwhelmingly thrilled to see a former reality TV star/ billionaire business mogul secure the most powerful office in the nation. I was, however, full of hope and exploding with excitement to see “We the People” take a stand against political correctness, against so called “progressivism”, against the corruption of Washington. On November 8th, our nation took a step back to what our Founding Fathers had intended.

Did our founding fathers envision a man like you taking the oath of office? No. But they did, however, dream of a democracy that elected average citizens to be public servants. Mr. Trump, I don’t appreciate your vulgarity or your tendency to speak off the cuff. I do appreciate your vast experience in the business world, and most of all, I appreciate the fact that you’re not a politician.

I have hope, Mr. President, that the promises you’ve made will be promises kept. I hope you will lean on the opinions and advice of your cabinet and put good, conservative policies into place that will put our nation back on track and repair the damages of the past 8 years. I hope, more than anything, that the gravity of the position will humble you and that you won’t let us down.

One year ago I rooted against you. Today, despite my doubts and fears, I root for you with all I have in me. Mr. President, I am begging you: prove them wrong. Prove wrong all the naysayers, all of those who hope to see you fall, all of those who protested you and doubted you. Mr. President, if you fail, we all fail.

I am on your side, not because of blind optimism, patriotism, or partisanship, but because I have faith in your position and I want to see America prosper.

You have an incredible opportunity in your hands and you have a choice to make, Mr. President. Are you going to be the president you’ve promised to be?

One thought on “An Open Letter To President Trump

  1. Joshua Andersen says:

    Great letter! I am in the same boat. He was not my first pick but he seems to be standing for my values for now. What all the nay sayers don’t realize is that Conservatives are watching him just as closely as the left.


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