Gordes, France and Les Bories Hotel and Spa 


Nestled among acres of vineyards and lavender fields stands Les Bories Hotel and Spa, a collection of small stone villas just outside of Provençal Gordes, France. 

Les Bories is an oasis in the Luberon Valley. I can’t decide what I loved the most. Whether it was the giant infinity pool that poured over the rolling hills, the garden terrace where we enjoyed our breakfast and afternoon drinks, or the all white and blue classic French interior. The place was unlike anywhere I had ever been, and it was a place I never wanted to leave. 


When we made our reservation at Les Bories, we were excited to learn about their world renowned, Michelin Star rated restaurant. For those of you who haven’t seen The Hundred Foot Journey, Michelin stars are like Oscars for restaurants. They signify the best of the best of fine cuisine.

By the time the sommelier reached our table, we realized we were a bit out of our league. 

The meal began with an amuse bouche (fancy huh?) of mackerel and little spoons of tasty concoctions (didn’t pay close enough attention to the waiter’s description).  

The entree? Lamb, beans, and sweet bread. I didn’t let my mom remind me what sweet bread was until I had concluded the meal (btw it’s pancreas… I know. I don’t want to talk about it). But the plate was beautiful and the meal was nothing less than extraordinary. (And no, I never figured out what the foam was).

For dessert, I ordered “le chocolat”. And received this:

 …it was beautiful, super fancy, and very tasty. It was like eating an actual work of art. 


Gordes is the most delightfully small, medieval town perched on a cliff in the Luberon valley. This walled city was voted one of the “plus beaux villages de France” and it took less than 5 minutes for me to understand why. When we walked down the hill into Gordes on Tuesday morning, we were delighted to find the entire town taken over by artisans and local “producteurs”. For hours, we shopped cheeses, wines, lavender sachets, soaps, and herbes des Provences. If you’re planning a trip to Gordes, you must go on. Tuesday for their weekly market. It was one of the best, most authentic open air markets I’ve seen!

While we may not be Michelin connoisseurs quite yet, we enjoyed every moment of our stay at Les Bories. All in all, our experience in Gordes was absolutely amazing. Les Bories staff was welcoming and wonderful and the facilities and amenities were absolutely incredible! I would definitely recommend a stay in Gordes! 

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