Bienvenue à Paris! 

Bonjour mes amis! I have arrived in Paris for the first part of my study abroad experience! My apologies for the late posting, Saturday was absolutely crazy and our wifi is spotty. 

On Saturday, I got to spend the day alone in this magical city and it was absolutely incredible. I am so happy to be back in the city I love so much. As I walked from my hotel, I couldn’t help but smile (my elation though merited only tipped the locals off that I wasn’t a native, true Parisians don’t smile on the street at strangers like we Texans do). But I didn’t care if they knew I was a tourist, I was back in my city and just as enchanted by its beauty as ever. 

When I reached the Seine with the Louvre, Le Grand Palais, and Le Conciergie in the distance, I nearly cried. The lack of sleep from my overnight flight probably played a large part in my emotional moment, but nonetheless I was the happiest girl in the world! I spent the afternoon strolling the banks of the Seine, people watching, and taking in the magnifique views. 

I stopped at Café Au Bord Du Seine, a lovely sidewalk café with classic French fair and the perfect location on the Seine. I grabbed a spot on the street and enjoyed a croque madame et frites, just me and my friend, Paris. 

After my fabulous lunch, where I parler-d avec my waiter in (almost) good French, I continued along the banks of the river in the drizzling rain stopping on nearly every bridge to just be amazed by my surroundings. I ended up at the Tuileries gardens where I sat until the rain got harder. I made a quick stop at Galeries Lafayete (because, duh) before returning to the hotel for a little r&r (that was a lot of walking after only sleeping 15 min the night before…). At the hotel, I met my first roommate, sweet Brenda, and after a shower and some Flexi-Fizz (French sour candy aka crack) we continued to adventure. We made a brief stop at Place des Voges and stopped for an aperitif in Le Marais. After admiring Notre Dame in all her glory we snacked on a baguette and strolled along the banks of the Seine (Le sigh). 

Going on hour 27 without sleep, we went back to the hotel to meet our team, have a quick meeting, and a surprise crêpe dinner! J’ai mangé a savory crêpe with mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, and a sunny side up egg, and arugula at Paris Breizh. And for dessert you may ask, just a simple crêpe filled with sautéed apples, caramel, and toasted hazelnut pieces with ice cream (it was heavenly)! 

It was a wonderful, and completely exhausting day! We are so happy to be in Paris! À bientôt! 

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