La Vie Lyonnaise

It's amazing how quickly a new place can feel like home. It's our second full week here in Lyon and I couldn't be more in love.  This historic city nestled among the hills stands between two rivers, Le Rhône and Le Saône. On the hills, colorful houses and bâtiments paint the landscape with warm, welcoming hues. … Continue reading La Vie Lyonnaise

French Basics 101

La femme française embodies simple elegance and casual sophistication in everything she does. No one else has quite mastered the natural, simple style of a French woman. Spend an hour in any Parisian arrondissement and you'll be sure to come across a myriad of white tees and jeans, scarves and sneakers. Simple pieces paired flawlessly … Continue reading French Basics 101

Bienvenue à Paris! 

Bonjour mes amis! I have arrived in Paris for the first part of my study abroad experience! My apologies for the late posting, Saturday was absolutely crazy and our wifi is spotty.  On Saturday, I got to spend the day alone in this magical city and it was absolutely incredible. I am so happy to … Continue reading Bienvenue à Paris!