Out with the Cold, in with the New: Spring Fashion Trends 2016

Every year, around March, the sun comes out of hibernation, temperatures and hemlines rise, and coats go back into storage.For some, springtime signifies new birth, a time where the dark hues of winter are relegated to the back of the closet, and pale legs peak out under shorts and into sunshine for the first time in months. Springtime is a celebration: it’s the return of white jeans and bright, pastel colors, it’s the smell of freshly mowed grass and picnics, and most importantly, it’s the arrival of spring collections.

According to Harper’s Bazaar, this season is a collaboration of off the shoulder tops, stripes, festive florals, bright pastels, and bold prints.

“I definitely don’t see pastels going anywhere,” Alex Presley, a fashion correspondent for the Daily Mississippian stated, “Balmain really focused on that, and used a lot of ruffles and feathers too. I also have seen a lot of corset silhouette. I also don’t see midi skirts going anywhere anytime soon. I also saw a return of old fashion dressing at Dries Van Noten and Christian Dior.”

Vogue reports that leather is here to stay as we transition into the warmer months. On her website, The Zoe Report, famous celebrity stylist and designer Rachel Zoe says, “For an update to the classic leather jacket, look for light colors like mint and white and for heat ready fabrications such as perforated leather.”

This season’s go-to colors are tangerine and bright yellow. And the secret to rocking these precarious pigments is all about strategically placed pops of color. Avoid stepping out in a full ensemble of chartreuse and instead try adding a neon yellow clutch or a yellow blazer to an all white outfit for a punch of spring.

Also on a rise this season, a blend of sporty and sophisticated. Model Kendall Jenner has mastered the flawless transition of sweat-wear to street-wear and commonly walks the streets of New York and L.A. in joggers and running shoes.

Veronica Peckham, a consultant for at-home based personal shopping company, Cabi, gave her opinions on this season: “There are several trends my clients are loving this season. The 70’s ‘vibe look’- flowy, relaxed tops with a feminine flair, [which]  you can pair these with wide legs or skinny jeans.” She added, “pleats on blouses and tops are everywhere- pleats in the front or the back– it’s a nod to the girly trend with a continued relaxed flair. Stripes (the sailor look) seem to be hot every spring. Stripes on tops, dresses, jackets, handbags, accessories- you name it. For shoes, lace up strappy sandals (gladiators, if you will), tennis shoes and open toe block heels, ” As far as accessories are concerned, Peckham believes that belts are making a comeback, along with very ladylike, structured bags.

But how have these styles infiltrated this small community of Oxford? From high end haute couture on the stages of Bryant Park to pret-a-porter in our own small town, spring has taken full force.

Claire Smith, an employee at one of Oxford’s premier women’s clothing stores, Hemline, gives her opinions. From what she’s seen in recent shipments, fringe is out with the fall while choker necklaces are here to stay. “Skirts and rompers have been pretty popular for spring clothing,” she added, “we’ve gotten a lot of floral print in the store.”


Hemline Oxford, MS. Photo courtesy of Amy Rosenthal

Madison Smith, also a Hemline employee added, “Skinny legged capri jeans with holes and frayed edges,” they go great paired with pointed toe heels to dress up a casual look.






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