Out with the Cold, in with the New: Spring Fashion Trends 2016

Every year, around March, the sun comes out of hibernation, temperatures and hemlines rise, and coats go back into storage.For some, springtime signifies new birth, a time where the dark hues of winter are relegated to the back of the closet, and pale legs peak out under shorts and into sunshine for the first time … Continue reading Out with the Cold, in with the New: Spring Fashion Trends 2016


Home for the holidays 

As the out of state population of Ole Miss increases, so does the complexity of weekend travel. For many, going home for the weekend no longer means throwing a duffle bag of laundry in your trunk for a quick drive home but rather a full day of long, arduous travel. Here's what "a weekend at … Continue reading Home for the holidays 

Oxford, MS and the Spice Race

Southerners love their fried chicken and barbecue, but what about curry and pad see aew? For years, locals have flocked to Oxford's two thai restaurants, experiencing the tantalizing spice of thai cuisine. However one local superstar, Rice and Spice located on Jackson Avenue, has dominated this specialty Asian cuisine scene in Oxford, until now. As of … Continue reading Oxford, MS and the Spice Race